Saturday, July 21, 2012

You can even have pizza ...if you make it yourself!

This is my niece Adriana...she loves to come and help me in the kitchen...we make our own healthy pizza's.....I do this every friday for Lou and I.....all it takes is imagination...Here we made a veggie pizza......the dough is from our local grocery store ( it is a basic dough with no trans fat in it) can make your own dough if you have the time...I use a white dough here because the kids do not like wheat...I cut fat down by using low fat cheese ( fat free does not work well here)....we are able to add a ton of flavor with our seasonings( I really like Williams- Sonoma's pizza spice)...artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, spinach, roasted tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms....if you like pepperoni buy turkey or less fat can use red onion, sweet peppers or hot pepper rings ( just remember healthy, if you like sausage ues a turkey or chicken sausage instead)...I use a pizza stone...the heat works best high (450')....the cooking time for my oven is usually 9-10 minutes...when I pull it out of the oven I sprinkle it with just a touch of parmesan cheese....delicious!!  My family (sisters,  brothers and their kids love my pizza nights!)...yours will too....without blowing your healthy eating habits ( notice I did not say diet)...

* You can also use a marinara sauce for the sauce...Lou and I do not like much sauce on our pizza.  Marinara sauce does add some great flavor to the pizza!!

Hope you will give it a try...Have a happy day!  Bisous!  Tammy


  1. Yummy! Looks delicious! I want some!! :o) Definitely giving it a try! Your niece is adorable!!

  2. Thank you ! I love making our on pizza! Have fun with it!!

  3. I wish you would think about doing some cooking videos. This one looks like a winner!! Adriana is a cutie ~

    1. I wish I had a professional crew...I would love to do more food cooking videos...I love learning about eating healthy...:))

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