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foods that fight wrinkles

Popeye Eats Spinach1. Spinach

Spinach can reduce the amount of wrinkles you have in a big way, one source says you will look 38% younger in just a couple of weeks. While this may or may not be true, there is one thin that is true: Spinach is awesome for your skin!
Spinach is crammed with the substance known as lutein. Recent French research has shown that lutein helps skin hydration and elasticity, which in the end helps get rid and prevent wrinkles. You will need at least 10mg of lutein for it to have any effect, which is roughly a 4oz serving of spinach.
While Popeye ate spinach straight out of the can, but you don't have to. Spinach makes the perfect compliment to a garden salad, or you might even like spinach soup. To get the latest free spinach recipes online, check out

2. Olives

In 2001 Australian scientists discovered that the more olive oil people had in their diets, the less wrinkles they had.


"The oleic acid found in olives and virgin olive oil can make the difference between a complexion that looks and feels like old shoe leather - and one that looks like a rose petal," says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, a board certified clinical and research dermatologist.
Eat more olive oil by using it in salad dressings or dip bread in it rather than using butter. You can also use olive oil for cooking, or add olives to pasta and salads. Olives themselves make great snacks, too. Find free olive recipes and diet ideas at

3. Beans

All types of beans, kidney, butter, and beyond, will help your body create the golden key substance of wrinkle fighting known as hyaluronic acid.
"When we're born our skin is pumped full of this and it makes it look plump and smooth. As you age levels fall, but eating plenty of beans can help replace it." says Nicky Hambleton-Jones from TV's 10 Years Younger show.


Hyaluronic acid is primarily influenced by nutrition and having a deficiency of this substance can lead to prematurely wrinkled skin. Having a healthy dose of any kind of beans from time to time would be a wise choice.
Beans come in a wide variety of styles and flavors, so there is always something out there for everyone. Put beans in soup - or my personal favorite, beans in chilli. For dinner, beans also taste great baked. Check out the Bean Bible for tasty free bean recipes.

4. Tomatoes


I love tomatoes because not only do they promote healthy skin since they are an abundant source of antioxidants, but they also contain lycopene, a substance that reduces the risk of developing cancer. Lycopene is also 100 times more powerful than Vitamin E, which is known by many cosmotologists to be a vitamin for the skin.
If you aren't already eating tomatoes, you really should be. This wonderful vegetable is easy to add to your diet. Eat tomato pasta, add it sliced to a sandwich, or make salsa and snack on it with chips. Get the latest free tomato tips, hints, and recipes at

Turkey5. Turkey

Turkey contains a helpful protein which slows down a process in the skin known as cross-linking. Turkey helps make your skin more inelastic, and will reduce wrinkles when you do things like smile, laugh, and frown. Instead of saving that turkey for Thanksgiving a Christmas, it's a great idea to eat it at least two or three times per week!
Don't wait for the holidays to enjoy Turkey.Roast turkey tastes great by itself, or you can add two slices of bread, some lettuce, cheese, mayo and mustard for a wonderful turkey sandwich. Turkey also tastes even better smoked. Surf to for free Turkey recipes and ideas.

6. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a well-known natural wrinkle reducer. Not only will it smooth out your skin, but it also helps lubricate the digestive system. Flaxseed contains helpful proteins known as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which directly benefit the health of your skin.


"Flaxseed is a major source of the healthy fat omega-3," says Suzi Grant, author of Alternative Aging "Skin cells are surrounded by a fatty layer made from this and other fats so, the higher your omega-3 intake the stronger that layer is, and the plumper your skin cells are - which helps disguise lines and wrinkles."
If you are having trouble finding flaxseed, check out your nearest healthfood store or order a bottle of the oil online. You can add flaxseed to things like cookies and bread, or you can add the oil to things like soup. Check out these free flaxseed recipes at

7. Goji Berries

Goji Berries are packed with nutrition - these little berries have 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges, they are ultra-high in antioxidants, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E. Goji BerriesGoji also contains linoleic acid, an essential fat that plumps up the skin and makes it look smoother and younger. All of this nutrition has amazing benefits for the health of your skin.
"Goji berries are one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the market." says top dermatologist Howard Murad.
Goji berries are easily eaten alone as a snack, but you can also add them to trail mix or throw them into a shake or a smoothie. Get the best free Goji Berry recipes at the

Beetroot8. Beetroot

Beetroot is a won derful vegetable, low in calories and high in fiber. This purple root is a great source of antioxidants which directly benefit the health of your skin. Not only that, but all purple foods like beetroot contain pigments called anthocyanins which help support collagen production in the skin. Purple products are known as one of nature's best weapons in the battle against ageing.
Beetroot is a very versatile vegetable that can be cooked and eaten in a wide variety of ways, including curried, roasted, boiled, and pickled. Find free beetroot recipes and easy cooking ideas online.

9. Red Peppers

These little spicy peppers are simply packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, plus bioflavonoids which help moisturize as well as heal the skin.
Red PeppersResearch from Dr Ronald Watson at the University of Arizona has found that the antioxidants in red, yellow and orange foods build up under the skin creating extra UV protection. "The effect is so strong that eating six portions a day for about two months will build a natural barrier equivalent to a factor four sunscreen," says Dr Watson.
Since most of us aren't brave enough to eat red pepper by itself, it needs to be prepared with something. Red pepper makes the perfect addition to any salsa dish, while some people even like it on their pizza. Find deliciously free red pepper recipes at

10. Chocolate

We've saved the best for last in this article - no that isn't a typo! Yes, chocolate reduces and helps prevent wrinkles! While only dark chocolate contains enough antioxidants to have any noticeable effect, this is still good news in my book.Chocolate
"Cocoa in chocolate contains polyphenol, a substance that rids the body of the active oxygen that causes aging," Ochanomizu Women's University medical professor Kazuo Kondo says.
In a study conducted in Germany, it was found that after drinking cocoa, blood flow to the skin was increased and thus it received higher levels of nutrients and moisture. It also protected against UV damage, which is the number one enemy to skin ageing.
Some looking to get the instant effects of this sweet sin are dipping themselves in chocolate, literally. People are getting chocolate baths and facials, however the effectiveness of such measures is aruguable.
Chocolate is easy to eat alone or in a warm drink. You can also eat chocolate in a cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats. Find hundreds of free recipes that incorporate chocolate at

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