Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A healthy snack or breakfast...!!

A healthy snack or part of a healthy breakfast!
I often have this as a healthy snack or dessert....it is loaded with protein, fiber and antioxidants from the fruit as well as calcium!  
Here is what you will need to enjoy:
3/4 cup of Fage plain Greek 0% Yogurt ( plain yogurt will not do it must be GREEK)
1/2 cup of assorted fresh mixed berries ( here I have use raspberries, blueberries and blackberries)
a few walnuts, some chia seeds ( about a 1/2 tablespoon)
cinnamon..( optional)
Layer the yogurt and fruit with a sprinkle of cinnamon ( optional) and chia seeds...finish off with walnuts or almonds if you prefer!
If you choose to have it as a breakfast add some egg whites on the side for more protein!
Have a happy healthy day!
Bisous, Tammy


  1. Yes it is...LOL...hope you are well!! Just did my JNL Fusion workout...Modified of course...for the aging knees...LOl..:))

  2. Hmmmm yum!! I don't see any chia seeds, but I guess they're buried under the berrie topping:)) Tammy, I'm excited to try this. Do you add Stevia?

  3. No I don't add stevia...but you can...I find that the Fage Yogurt is the only plain yogurt I can eat as is...it does not have that tangy tart taste...for me it is more like sour cream...Yes the chia seed are in with the fruits ...I wanted to keep the layering clean for the picture...LOL...this is really filling ...

  4. This looks pretty yummy. I must try this!

  5. I've just been reading about the goodness of chia seeds! Does it matter where you buy them? I noticed you eat hemp seeds too. Are they for fiber? Are there reading sources you like? Thanks Tammy!

    1. I like Hemp ...they are a good source of protein and fiber....I like to WebMD....I usually research many different sites.....all should be reputable...

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