Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas...

Chemical Free
Made in the USA
Hello my beautiful anti aging peeps...Hope you are all having a fabulous day!  I thought I would share a few polishes with you...these make great stocking stuffers as well as something for  teachers from the kids...Oh and don't forget the old  "one for you and one for me ...:))  Enjoy...

From left to right:  Fashion...(a nice nude), Good Girl Gone Bad... beautiful for the holidays (red with a fine sparkle) , Single Ladies...(another fabulous red), Nefertiti... hello New Year's Eve ( a perfect gold) , Glamorous Life (a rose gold new collection) everyone will love this one..  A little fact about Deborah Lippmann...It's obvious that all her polishes are named after songs...but I just recently learned that she was ( and perhaps still is) a Jazz singer..:))

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Have a Happy Day....Bisous! Tammy ( CMT)


  1. DL Nail Polish is definitely on my shopping list. A to me from gift! lol

  2. I've recently learned of these polishes thru HSN. I was thinking of purchasing for Christmas gifts to friends over the holidays.

  3. Gorgeous polishes! I have yet to try DL...I'll have to fix that, soon. ;-)

  4. Great colors. Haven't tried Deborah Lippman - must put that on my "to purchase" list

  5. Beautiful colors. I'm going to stuff MY stocking with these :)

  6. Single Ladies thats the one I like. I hope these last since they are so pricey. Idont mind spending nearly twenty bucks if they will last as long as I've heard they do. Its not so good for me when I find a color I love and hang on to it... 1/2 to 2/3 bottle full after a season then its all dry and sticky after only a season. But we will seeeeeeee =)