Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside...our first snowfall..

Hello my beautiful peeps...I thought I would share our first snowfall with you...It is December 9 late for us to have our first REAL snow)...this is the tree in our back yard just off our patio....the sun is shining bright today...BUT....we know...this is the calm before the storm...Hope you are all having a happy day....

New Smoothie video up on Youtube today!!

Bisous!!  Tammy


  1. Very pretty CMT! I know what you mean about it being so late in the season for snow. Thursday we finally got a dusting but most of it has melted now. I hope there is some coming for a white Christmas though :D Off to go watch the new smoothie video. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your secrets!

  2. Ciao Bella... Your tree looks beautiful. Isn't it wonderful how Mother nature knows how to decorate so perfectly!!
    I live in Calgary Canada... and we get a lot of that "Perfect Decorating" around here.. ha ha ha... but I have to admit it.. I love it during this time of year... its just super gorgeous!!
    Hope you have a really super great day, and ... as CMT always says... it's an anti-ager!!! HA HA
    Love you bunches & bunches!!
    Hugs & Kisses sprinkled with lots of Love!!

  3. Beautiful! I wish we got snow for Christmas, but seldom do....and I live in Canada! Not much snow on the west coast.

  4. Beautiful picture, Tammy. When your husband retires will you live full time in Florida?

  5. Isn't it beautiful? It snowed here off and on the last few days. I love it. :)

  6. Mercy me...I didn't even know you had a blog!!

    Your snow pic is so pretty. We actually had a little snow on Wednesday here in Memphis. We don't usually get snow 'til March or April - lol! Anyway, I'm so excited that I found your blog.

    Hugs to you,

    aka librogeek

  7. Hi Tammy, I am in Aberdeen. Scotland and we are having a mild winter so far after two very bad ones. I love snow but not when it makes it dangerous to go out. Anyway, this is my first message to you and I just wanted to say thank you for giving so much of yourself to the YouTube community and long may it continue. You have spurred me on to update my hair and makeup and I feel very good about myself. Long live CMT!! XXX

  8. So beautiful, Tammy! Enjoy,at least the first snowfall! After that you can hate it if you want. (Just heard that you don't like it in your smoothie video) Lol! Hugs. . .

  9. Hi Tammy! Here in Wisconsin we do not have our REAL snow yet. I love trees with snow on them. They look magical. :) XOXO Dawn

  10. Tammy, your lawn is lovely, but honest to Pete, I hate snow so much I can't imagine having it piled up already. Take care and stay warm!

  11. I know you hate the cold and I dont blame you, but mercy me!! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!