Sunday, December 4, 2011

But don't you step on my "Electric"blue suede shoes.....

Shoes : Marshall's
Jewels: White House Black Market
Hello my beautiful Anti aging peeps...Hope that you are all having a happy day....I wanted to fill my peeps in on my night out with "Electric blue suede" shoes...They were a hit...women of all ages were coming up to me saying "those shoes are so hot" they remind me of Carrie from Sex in the City.....In them I stood about 5'11" and I LOVED it.....My intention was to make a video showing you my complete outfit...but, I am sad to say the video did not turn out....I had actually taped my full day of was a dud my peeps...I will figure out another way to show you the outfit and shoes....Promise!!  The evening was full of sequins and sparkle....WOW....the way young girls dress now a days ( at the risk of sounding very old) I had a hard time distinguishing a street walker from a well dressed girl...LOL  seriously , where did the length of a dress wonder all they do is stand around and tug on their dresses.....( they are realizing that it is a shirt...that was meant to have pants to match)...LOL.  The menu was filet mignon and lobster ( oh you know CMT passed on that) for many of us it was pasta with roasted veggies...lots of dancing and laughing...all was good!!!

Today will be a quiet is cold outside.....Bindi is curled up next to me...the tree is glistening...what else does a girl need......

Have a great day Peeps...see you tomorrow...Comment , I love hearing from you...


  1. OMG!! Electric blue suede shoes....really? A night of sequins and sparkles?...I just love me some sequins and sparkles! A full day of pampering?? What did I do sleep through all of it?

    How did this ... when did you... Thats it, Im NEVER going to turn my back on you again CMT! The next thing I know, you'll be 25 and I'll still be 26!

    Wait... there's more posts? Heavens to Betsy I see you've been blogging again TOO!

    Christmas shopping? Ba Humbug... Work?...I dont THINK so! I have some reading to do! Anti aging waits for NO WOMAN !! And apparently neither does CMT!

    LOL!! Ha! I crack myself up! =)
    Thank you for posting your adventures along with your secrets my dear! We love you for it! Kat

  2. darn it - was hoping for the video....glad you had fun !

  3. Those shoes are fabulous! I would love to see the whole outfit.

    Unfortunately, I have seen some ladies in their forties, who are trying to relive their teens, who look like street walkers, so it's not necessarily the young. LOL

  4. Aww, shoot! That's too bad that the video didn't work. I'm sure you looked FABULOUS! It sounds like you had a great - and interesting - evening.


  5. Those are "to die for" shoes, and we must see a picture of you in the dress and those fabulous shoes. I know you looked great for the party.

  6. I love the shoes Tammy!! I'm going to keep an eye out for a pair for myself!!
    Thanks so much!!

  7. Tammy, where can I find pics of you in these fabulous shoes/complete outfit?

    Gotta have it!