Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things to come...

Hello my beautiful Anti aging peeps....Hope you are all having a fabulous day!  I just wanted to stop by and let you all know my focus on putting out more videos is stronger than ever...I have so many things I want to share...Anti aging is for all of us and from our heads to our toes we should be "Doing It"..

Healthy living tip for the day...EAT TO LIVE....( Not an original from CMT...but one worth repeating)...we should not be LIVING to EAT....and remember "Healthy changes Everything" ( CMT loves this one...again not an original...LOL)

One of my favorite quotes:  When people show you who they really are "Believe them"

Hair tip of the day: Really rinse your shampoo from your hair...it could be the cause of flakes that look like dandruff ...

Body tip of the day: Exercise me ....moisturize me....feed me well!!

Face tip of the day:  Smile it really takes years off your face....A face that smiles let's the world know ...I love life!! And your beautiful smile may be the only smile of someone else's day!!

And remember it cost us nothing as human beings to be kind....where there is love there is no room for hate...

Upcoming videos:  Face Mask/Hair mask, Bindi, Florida Haul, Nail polish for holiday/winter, and so many others..

Have a fabulous happy day my peeps...I am always thinking of you!


  1. Just found your blog:) i'm a anti-ager fan from youtube...becker3030

  2. Hey there Tammy, so nice to have a double dose of you now - being able to see you on youtube AND here via your blog. Yippeeeee. Good luck to you, wishing you happiness, health and much love. Leyla :) x

  3. Having your blog too! How great! ;)

  4. looking forward to more videos and blogs - thanks Tammy !!!!

  5. Love the blog and love all of these tips and thoughts. Keep smiling!

  6. Yippie! Im so glad i have a link to your blog now. I love my CMT and just cant get enough anti-aging, and not just that but you do give so much more. To be able to watch someone whom is honest,has integrity, charisma,and that special "IT" quality is truly a joy. Your passion really shines in your voice and body language. Oh and i really like the white background, it looks soooo good and really makes your beauty "pop". And lets face it your pretty easy on the eyes and so is that gorgeous Bindy! I cant wait to see more of her, she really cracks me up. Thanks for all your hard work bringing us quality videos and information. I really appreciate it.

  7. Have really been enjoying all the videos! Thank you so much for all the love and effort you put into them.

    You rock, CMT!