Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blueberry Mask

Hello my beautiful anti aging peeps....PROMO CODE for Blueberry Mask coming later today in a video...

YAY...for promo codes..

Bisous!  Have a happy day!



  1. Tammy, Thank you for creating another mode of communicating all of your helpful tricks, makeup tips, tutorials, and delicious recipes. I appreciate you efforts. Have a lovely day.

  2. Hello all my beautiful leave a comment ...under what I ahve written clicl on the comment that has been left a post a comment box will come up ...fill in comment..:))

  3. I think aliens got a hold of my keyboards ....on the comment I left above..."ahve is suppose to be HAVE...LOL and clilc is suppose to be CLICK....lOL to funny! Have a great day!!!

  4. I ordered one of these and was sent another as a free gift! Lovely surprise - and the mask was so nice.

  5. Hey Tammy! Its your prodigal peep here ! LOL You know while I was out, they changed YouTube Land! (Wendy from wendy's lookbook says, "see you all back at YouTube Land") teehee =) she's so cute! But really, its different and I am a little mixed up LOL! It takes so little to get me out of whack and I used to be the most resilient flexible focused woman you EVER met! Its a trade off though I believe because I really am finding more time for me and using that time to increase my joy. That takes some discipline and YOU my dear CMT you are one of my best motivators! You have struck me as a fun loving no nonsense kind of girl ! You know what Im saying? Its a great attributte to be able to go after life, to enjoy life, to invest yourself like you.....WHILE you tell it like it is with a big ole smile on your beautiful face.

    Ok, so first I'm going to watch the blueberry mask video then, I am going to order a mask or 2 weds or thurs of this week. Im hoping that hubby and I will both get some time after Christmas for us--NO I'm PLANNING for hubby and I to take some time off after Christmas thats when I'm going to indulge in some pampering as my gift to ME! I'm going to make my self a priority =) So thank you for the promo code!! Hugs, Kat =D