Monday, October 12, 2015

Date Night Red Lips...

Hello my friends...
Just in case you missed my tutorial on DATE NIGHT RED LIPS..
Do you do date night?
Have a great day !


  1. I love your tutorials and videos! You are a hoot! Tell me what you think about the products that use minerals and mud from the sea. I started using several products from Seacret...too soon to tell if they are going to be as effective as advertised.

  2. Hi Tammy , I am LOVING All your great tips and enjoying spending time with you !!
    I was wondering if you take any of the anti-aging supplements like BioCorrex ,etc . If so , what brand do you take ...or thoughts on them you might have to share ?
    P.S. LOVE your funny faces and accents !! You were RIGHT ON to say-LOVE IT or LEAVE IT !!!

  3. I just watched your You Tube video about the Bite lipstick and they are not the only ones that is natural ingredients. I'm a consultant with Arbonne and all we use is safe, pure, botanical ingredients. Here is my website: Love watching you tutorials.