Saturday, September 12, 2015

My latest video features a new tutorial
Lots of tips to help you with application

side note: I know the lighting is very bright in this video...I am working with new lights and camera...this is all to make things better for you...please be patient with me...I record videos usually, 4 at a there will be one more with bright lights...

A full list of products is under the video!

More tutorials to come...How would you like one a week?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...


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  1. Hi Tammy - I recently started following you and I LOVE all your videos! They are so informational and inspiring! I love that you have done so much research. I am 25 and am very interested in preserving my skin and learning what works best for my skin. I would love to know what websites/books/etc you recommend to learn more about skin care!

    Thank you!