Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Boring salads here...

Lettuce of your choice...I used romaine
Roast onions, cauliflower and broccoli ( I toss them in Olive oil and my favorite spice Herbs de Provence)
Grilled  assortment of red, yellow and orange peppers
Grilled zuccini ( all grilled with a little olive oil) salt and pepper
2 T pumpkin seeds ( walnuts can be used if you prefer)
1 T Parmesan shredded cheese
2 T your choice of lite salad dressing ( I use a lite balsamic)
You can add any source of protein you prefer...chicken, turkey, shrimp or lean beef..
I hope you all enjoy 
Healthy changes everything!
Be well..
Tell me what you think ...will you make it!


  1. Chef Tammy, this looks sooo good!!

  2. Definitely will make this; my kids love roasted cauliflower & broccoli, so this is something I can make for dinner! I just need to get some Herbs de Provence & some more balsamic dressing. --Diana (pinkterriers)